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The Andy Edition| Celebrity Dress Up, Celebrity LooksThe 10 Hottest Opening Ceremony Fashions - The Andy Edition| Celebrity Dress Up, Celebrity Looks

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Published on July 28th, 2012 | by Andy


The 10 Hottest Opening Ceremony Fashions

Out of the 204 countries that participated in Friday nights opening ceremony for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, I could only find 10 countries that passed the hottest opening ceremony fashion checklist.  I looked for originality, eye-popping colors, confidence, and trend setters.  I had a fashion meltdown when I spotted Belgium’s ceremony look.  The ladies of Belgium were poised and fearless in their black or red, above the knee length skirts accompanied with a red, yellow, and white striped shirt.  They even threw on a fire red blazer to accentuate their classic black pumps of choice.  Of course, I had to root for the home team, The United States of America, who had on a classic navy blue and white Ralph Lauren number.  A very fun choice for the designer, however, there were a couple of disturbing pieces that I did not care for, like the angelic white skirts with slouchy socks and white military style shoes.  If I had to guess, I would like to think that Lauren was going for the “All American” look for the athletes this year.  Despite all of the backlash Lauren received about the opening ceremony outfits being made in China, he definitely resurfaced his name with their opening and closing looks.  As the athletes walked through the stadium I noticed two major themes of the night-double breasted blazers and brightly colored pieces of their uniform.  Here are the top 10 hottest opening ceremony fashions from around the world.  Leave a comment and let us know which one is your favorite and why.

10. Sweden – To add a bit of color to their light grey bottoms, Sweden adopted the colors of their countries flag and applied it to their wardrobe.  Their turquoise and light yellow long sleeve shirts definitely brought attention to their country.

9. Czech Republic – I am not quite sure why the Czech Republic implemented blue spotted umbrellas and royal blue rain boots as apart of their ensembles, however, they made the list because of originality.  No other country came out with matching umbrellas and rain boots.  Needless to say their look was trendy.  The men graced the grounds with tailored,  knee length white shorts and the women appeared in navy blue blazers with a classic white shirt and ruffled white skirt, along with blue printed tights underneath.  The weather was definitely unpredictable that night, so the rain boots and umbrellas came in handy.

8. Nigeria – The traditional wear of the Nigerian athletes was highly appreciated Friday night.  The ladies of Nigeria high stepped into the stadium with a florescent shade of green and white dresses and a securely tied green head gear on as well.  This country exuded confidence and that is definitely on the checklist.

7. Belize – Belizian athletes rocked a deep sky blue blazer with a white outlining and white bottoms, and they accessorized the look with a red and blue stripped tie.  This look is definitely a classic one.

6. Denmark – The opening ceremony outfit of Denmark is another classic look.  You can wear this anywhere.  For the 9-5 working woman, try this look at home.  Pull out a navy blue or black skirt and place a light cotton shirt underneath a red cardigan and the look is complete.  Lightly accessorize the look if you are thinking about adding a statement shoe.

5. Cayman Islands – This look is similar to the Belizian’s look, however, the difference is the blazers shade of blue and the lime green tie and arm accessory.  They kept the look cool by adding a breezy straw hat, which help add a little island flavor.

4. Australia – The Aussie’s kept it cool with white bottoms and emerald green blazers.  The ladies added some pizzaz to their look by adding a camel toned belt to their skirts.  While the men kept it classic with an emerald green tie as well.

3. The United States of America – The Americans came through in navy blue blazers with gold metal buttons.  The men wore a double breasted blazer while the women looked sophisticated in their single buttoned blazers.  Of course this a classic look.  Men you would want to try this look at home.

2.  Belgium – This look speaks volumes, and the women wore this outfit well.  A red blazer will always give a bland look some much needed spice.

1. Netherlands – I am in love with the Netherlands main two colors of choice – sunkissed orange and royal blue.  The women’s orange trench coats are everything!  If you look closely to the picture, the men are wearing navy blue blazers with white trimming underneath a royal blue trench coat with brightly colored orange pants.  I picked this country as number one, because it exemplified everything off the fashion checklist.  The women and men of Netherlands look more like models than athletes.


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