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Published on May 23rd, 2014 | by Andy


What Would Andy Wear? To A Graduation/Dinner

Last week I received tons of emails about what to wear to a graduation and a graduation dinner.  Some were high school seniors looking for ideas and some were friends/family members looking for ideas to wear to their loved ones’ graduation/dinner.  I personally have a couple of graduations to attend this month, and I too have a hard time choosing the correct outfit for such a celebration.

Before selecting your outfit of choice, take in these considerations:

  • Consider the type of graduation.  Is it going to be a grade school/high school graduation or college graduation?  Some dresses/tops may not be appropriate for grade school/high school graduations.  If you are attending a grade school/high school graduation opt for a work-related look.  Something knee-length, maybe a tailored pair of colored slacks and a collared shirt.  Or a dress that is appropriate for work.  You don’t want to offend any parents or students.  Most college graduations are filled with adults, so you can save your off the shoulder or more body hugging outfits for this graduation.  If you are the graduate look your best, because you will be the center of attention this day and everyone will want a picture with you.  You can wear a cocktail dress just as long as it doesn’t affect the way you look in your cap and gown.  Or you can choose to wear a more relaxed sun dress.  Whatever you wear just make sure it is not longer than your robe, because you may have some issues walking across the stage.  Get inspired by the looks below.
  • Consider the location of the graduation.  Is the graduation going to be outside or indoors?  Most college graduations are outdoors, so take in consideration the temperature.  Most likely it will be above 75 degrees so maybe wearing a short sleeved flowy dress or a breezy top with floral print capri pants may keep you cool enough for four hours or more.  Grade school/high school graduations are typically in the schools gym/cafeteria or a local college stadium.  For these, take in consideration the temperature as well.  Even though the ceremony may be indoors the gym/cafeteria/stadium will be filled to the capacity, which means the heat index will definitely increase.  Get inspired by the looks below.
  • Consider the location of the graduation dinner.  Most dinners will either be at a restaurant or at a private venue.  Before choosing an outfit to wear, check the invitation to note the time of dinner and to see if there is a dress code.  If the affair is before 5p.m., then a more casual look is appropriate.  Jeans and a nice top can be worn if there is no dress code.  If the dinner is held after 5p.m., then a knee-length dress can be worn.  It can be a casual dress only if there is no specific dress code.  If there is a dress code stick with it or contact the number listed to see if your outfit will fit the code.  With either a dress code or no dress code, please remember the temp.  Get inspired by the looks below.
  • Consider your feet.  Now ladies, I know we all love to wear the highest heels and the most fanciest shoes.  Note if the graduation is outside you will have to walk.  Note if the graduation is inside you will have to walk.  Either way you will have to walk.  Not sure how far, but most graduations will be filled to the brinks and close parking spots will be limited.  And who’s to say when you get in the graduation that you will have a seat.  Just remember your toes when you are piecing together your graduation wardrobe.  Save the fancy pumps for the dinner and opt for lower heels or wedges to give your feet support while trekking to the graduation.  Get inspired by the looks below.



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